About Us

Often times when someone looks at one of my pieces I get asked how I learned this craft. I have always been the type of person who is intrigued by the way things work and how they are put together.

One summer when I was travelling up to Ohio with my family, my dad and I drove out to see his oldest brother for lunch. After we ate my Uncle Greg started talking about a gift that a friend of his had made for him, and that I would "get a kick out of it". My Uncle Greg goes to the other room and comes back with a wooden pen that has a bullet for a tip and a bolt action click mechanism. I was instantly trying to figure out how it was made.

After we returned back to Texas I started researching pen making and learned that I already had most of the larger tools required to attempt this for myself. I decided that I wanted to try making one for myself, so I bought a few more tools.

I was already very comfortable using a wood lathe, but the delicacy and detail of pen making were very new to me. I made my first pen about a month after my vacation, and still carry it with me every day. I have had offers from people who wanted to buy it, but this one will never be sold. 

At Lonestar Pen Works I try my absolute hardest to get as close to perfection on every pen that leaves my shop.