Wholesale and Distributor 
Q: I am interested in carrying your pens in my store. Do you offer a wholesale or distribution model?
A: Yes, we would be happy to work with your store. Please contact us for more details. 

Bulk Orders
Q: Do you offer bulk orders?
A: Yes, we can accommodate your larger orders. Large order often take more time so please give us some advanced notice
Q: May we put our logo on the pen? 
A: Yes, we have several methods of doing this. We currently have corporate clients at this time and will be happy to show you a sample of our abilities. 
Q: Do you offer quantity discounts?
A: Yes, depending on quantity. Please note that everything is custom made at the time of ordering. We may require 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Shipping & Handling 
Q: Do you offer International Shipping?
A: Yes, please contact us before purchase. It is our desire not to make money off of shipping. We will pass on the cost of shipping only. 

Warranty and Return Policy
Q: What if we receive the product and it is damaged?
A: Please notify us immediately so we can handle any issue. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience possible, but know that when you ship products, sometimes things beyond our control can happen. We would ask you to ship the products back and we will replace them.
Q: What if I receive my pen and I do not like it?
A: While this has never happened, we realize there is always a first. If you do not like your pen, please notify us immediately so we can handle the issue. We will replace the pen or refund your money.